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Bad and very bad custom service

I bought gopro edition LUTs, and after uploading them to davinci, none of them worked. Seems like all blank as they do nothing. Luts from other people works just fine. I emailed to support team also to Johnny and noone is answering. Well spend 56 euro

FCPX was missing this 😍

Works flawlessly, thank you!

No after support, just get ignored - Not worth the purchase overall.

I purchased these over a year ago and on at least 5 occasions now, I have used the website chat and email contact to ask a simple question for clarity on the use of one of the conversion files. I never even get a response, acknowledgement or anything for that matter. Also the test footage advertised was non-existent and this point was ignored for over a year now too. I was patient before reviewing, but now realise they just want your money and wont assist any further at all. Not impressed. I am not asking a lot, I have one simple question which should be a 10 second answer if that!


They're aight.

I'm shooting on the GoPro 11s in high bitrate with wide dynamic range and log turned on. The rec709 lut is pretty useful for getting the GoPro de-logged and is the only lut I'm actually using in my work currently. The rest of the luts are interesting but not amazing. I think it's quite difficult to get results similar to what is shown in the examples that are in the advertisements, even with a bang on properly exposed image and ideal lighting conditions. I've done a bunch of testing with theses luts, I consider myself an above average colorist - unfortunately I think I won't be using these. They're pretty pricey so that's a shame.


Really happy with them!

Helped me a bit.

I'm noob at colorgrading, this helped me a bit..

Be cautious

The LUTs are nice. But it is advertised as 49 Primary LUTs.
So I expected some variation and more LUTs for the price. After downloading I noticed that there are conversion LUTs (which is nice) and then only 5 different LUTs - there are some exposure compensation variations, which adds up to 49. While this is nice! - it is not what i expected to get for the price.
So overall i was underwhelmed and felt a little bit tricked.

Adjustment Layer for Final Cut Pro X [FREE]

Cuts the guess work by 3/4, worth the price for the presets


Thank You. Nice!


Amazing luts work so well

Great addition

Fairly easy to use, lacks a proper interface, like MLutz, and the samples don’t work on FCPX. Should be more integrated to FC, but they are usable as they are. Overall happy.

If you shoot with a GoPro, these are a must!

Even for people who are not great (or good) at color correction, these can give you a great base color to your video and allows you to experiment with styling your videos with color.


These luts look incredible and the multilayer editing process is what makes the magic happen! Highly recommend

Johnny FPV™ LUTS (GoPro Edition)

Does what it’s meant to do.

It works great with great video footage, first time using LUTs and I am very happy with this pack. Would have loved more options but then I would have had to pay for the PRO package so this is a nice compromise for me, I mainly use GoPros anyway.

Below average

Why there is I third empty folder in a lit folder? Instructions are for FinalCut and don’t apply for Premier Pro. So I wasn’t able to achieve desired results (even with right camera settings)

Amazing! FF Wave Q

Guys I loved this LUTS!!! I live in Argentina and this is priceless for me. BTW I just get a new Freefly Wave. I love the work you are doing with this camera. Can you give me sone TIPS to get the best of it! The work you are doing with this camera is just stunning.
From Argentina, with love,

Juan Lima aka juansteadi

Instant Gratification

I was looking for a good LUT to apply to my GoPro Hero 6 Protune flat footage for a long time. This is it! Apply LUT and the footage is ready to use, almost no fine tuning needed! Love it!

Makes a difference!


Garbage waste of money

Maybe it's my fault for not realizing these are extremely specific and only work with very specific types of shots and lighting.