Johnny FPV™ LUTS (PRO Edition)

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Designed in partnership between Johnny FPV and Jake Irish, these LUTs have been engineered to meet and exceed the demands of the professional filmmaking industry. This is a truly end to end coloring product built for professionals, and compatible with all cameras. The color tables (LUTs) included have helped Johnny bring his work to life for clients such as ApplePorsche, Lexus, Netflix Originals, Ford, Toyota, Audi, Red Bull, and more. Jake has carefully engineered these LUTs over the last 8 years, allowing his work to stand out. So much so that Jake earned a spot as lead editor, colorist & videographer for Beautiful Destinations.

What's inside?

  • 75 professionally designed LUTs.
  • 7 Categories of Primary LUTs - up to 11 exposure variants of each.
  • 85 professional conversion LUTs.
  • 6 Limited Edition Sandscape LUTs from Johnny's film Sandscape. The Sandscape LUTs are specifically engineered for LOG/RAW, such as RED Raw, Panasonic VLOG, Canon CLOG, Sony SLOG, and many more.
  • 80 custom engineered Conversion LUTs which work together with our proprietary Stacking Method. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality conversion LUTs compared to other brand name conversion LUTs, as well as teaching you how to use our stacking method.
  • Detailed Tutorials and step-by-step guidance to achieve the perfect color tones. You will quickly learn how to use our LUTs and implement our exact methods to color your footage. Our tutorials allow you to see, and replicate, the same cinematic colors we utilize in our videos. We explain everything in our tutorial about Primary LUTs in conjunction with our Conversion LUTs. Our method is set up very specifically in order to transform your footage to the perfect color tones.
  • Johnny FPV Test Footage. We want you to work alongside us. We give you the tools to color like an industry professional.
New York City Drone Festival Johnny FPV LUTSThe award winning film by Johnny x Beautiful Destinations - "Turkey", won NYCDFF! The film was colored using the Pro Edition LUTs.

Want to see how these LUTs look?

Watch Johnny's latest videos on YouTube; Cinematic FPV & Sandscape! Also, check out Jake Irish's Instagram page for more video examples using these LUTs. All of our videos are edited with Johnny FPV LUTs.

We Are Perfectionists

The tones you will discover have been refined and perfected over the last 7 years, bringing powerful and compelling colors to your project.

These color tables are NOT just limited to action cameras either! They have been engineered to work flawlessly with all camera types: Panasonic, DJI drones, Blackmagic, GoPro, RED Digital, Sony, Canon, Nikon, and more. The LUTs have been tested and proven at the highest level. They simply work.

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quality luts
So Fuckin AMAZING LuTS 👏🏼👏🏼👍👍🔥
This is an Amazing transformer ever!
Very smooth and cinematic