How do I use
Johnny FPV LUTs?

What's a LUT? How do I use LUTs?

I. LUTs - Color Grading 101

What is a LUT?

II. Using Color Lookup Tables

How to use a LUT?

III. Video Editing Software



We made color grading EASY.

Using LUTs in Final Cut Pro X

Open FCPX and import your footage. In the effects panel search for the effect Custom LUT and apply it to your timeline footage. Next, navigate to the top right side of FCPX window and this is where you will apply the LUT in the Inspector Window. Our .cube LUTs that you installed into FCPX will be perfectly organized within the LUT tab. Choose a desired look and if needed, adjust the level of intensity with the mix slider.

Using LUTs in Premiere Pro

Open Adobe Premiere Pro and import your footage. Select the video in your timeline that you want to add a LUT and then click the Color tab from the top menu. This opens up Lumetri Color on the right side of the program. Click the Creative Tab and then click the Look menu. Simply navigate the .cube files and you're ready to go!

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