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Thank You. Nice!


Amazing luts work so well

Great addition

Fairly easy to use, lacks a proper interface, like MLutz, and the samples don’t work on FCPX. Should be more integrated to FC, but they are usable as they are. Overall happy.

If you shoot with a GoPro, these are a must!

Even for people who are not great (or good) at color correction, these can give you a great base color to your video and allows you to experiment with styling your videos with color.


These luts look incredible and the multilayer editing process is what makes the magic happen! Highly recommend

Johnny FPV™ LUTS (GoPro Edition)

Does what it’s meant to do.

It works great with great video footage, first time using LUTs and I am very happy with this pack. Would have loved more options but then I would have had to pay for the PRO package so this is a nice compromise for me, I mainly use GoPros anyway.

Below average

Why there is I third empty folder in a lit folder? Instructions are for FinalCut and don’t apply for Premier Pro. So I wasn’t able to achieve desired results (even with right camera settings)

Amazing! FF Wave Q

Guys I loved this LUTS!!! I live in Argentina and this is priceless for me. BTW I just get a new Freefly Wave. I love the work you are doing with this camera. Can you give me sone TIPS to get the best of it! The work you are doing with this camera is just stunning.
From Argentina, with love,

Juan Lima aka juansteadi

Instant Gratification

I was looking for a good LUT to apply to my GoPro Hero 6 Protune flat footage for a long time. This is it! Apply LUT and the footage is ready to use, almost no fine tuning needed! Love it!

Makes a difference!


Garbage waste of money

Maybe it's my fault for not realizing these are extremely specific and only work with very specific types of shots and lighting.


Awesome luts


Said 53+ puts but only 3 that I can see in the pack. Can't get refund. I wouldn't purchase

Hey Scott. We're a bit confused by this. You only have 3 LUTs in your pack? There must have been an error because we have never heard of this problem from any of our customers. We also just simulated a purchase of the GoPro LUTs and everything is normal on our end. I just sent you an email in regards to this. Sorry about this situation. Chat soon.

could be better

They are very desorganized, is not easy to understand what is what, they are files dropped in folders and some other in the root folder, is not clear, I think is needed some guide or tutorial, or at least explain a bit each LUT.

difficult but could use a better tutorial

They can look really good but it would be awesome if they had a better tutorial for getting them to look right.

Love the luts

I really love the luts but I wish for the price they would have a cheat sheet of some sort. Like this is what we use for this type of shot. Or we use this for these types of situations.

Overall these are great quality. Again for the price I just wish there was more instruction or explanation.

With these Luts every video can look stunning!


Perfect lut


Good stuff but a tib overpriced

Absolutely Amazing

These LUTs are simply amazing and a must have for great content creation.

Johnny FPV™ LUTS (GoPro Edition)
Martynas Petkevičius

Johnny FPV™ LUTS (GoPro Edition)

Johnny FPV™ LUTS (GoPro Edition)

Great LUTs, A little Pricey

I love these LUTs, however, there are only 5 actual LUTs, but within each pack there are a lot of options to choose the best fit for the shot (exposure, saturation, etc)
I think it costs a bit much for what you get, but I would do it again. Currently using these for interviews (shot on Sony Alpha Mirrorless) as well as FPV content (GoPro Hero 8 Black) and they all look great.

I'm considering buying the bigger pack eventually but these will do for now. Saves me a lot of color grading time so for me as a full time video producer its worth it.