It's a crime to share our LUTs / Titles Templates

It's a crime to link-share or trade FPVLUTs™ products by any means. We will take extreme measures under our monitoring system for anyone involved.

FPVLUTs™ has an active legal team and is heavily monitoring all online behavior for all of our products, including third party applications on mobile devices, hosting sites, download links, and forums. Offenders (citizen or non-citizens of the United States) will be prosecuted under the United States Legal System. Active Pirating Watch Launch Date: March 30, 2020 - Present. 

© 2020 Johnny FPV LUTs is an original work of authorship in partnership between Jake Irish (owner of © 2020 FPVLUTs) and Johnny Schaer. Subjects or offenders residing nationally or internationally, thoroughly understands that © 2020 FPVLUTs has an active Trade Mark Watch that is currently monitoring for pirating activity all hours of the day to protect assets. © 2020 FPVLUTs legal team specifically monitors international territories/countries. Any "Edition" of © Johnny FPV LUTs as a pack, and individual digital assets associated within the pack, are protected under the United States Patent and Trademark Office; active March 30, 2020.

Copying, tampering, trading, selling, revealing, or lending © 2020 Johnny FPV LUTs may result in the following criminal actions; whether subject(s) resides nationally or internationally from the United States of America; an immediate investigation and cease and desist; subject(s) may receive notice of a Trademark Infringement Lawsuit(s) by a United States Attorney who is legally eligible to stretch his or her rights under the United States Legal System in association with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. You completely understand the legal consequences cited in this notice. You agree that you have read this notice in its entirety and agree to the Copyright Infringement notice and your legal obligation. If © 2020 FPVLUTs products are found hosted on a third party location, such as a forum, website, or third party application, you fully understand your legal obligation moving forward and we suggest that you save or print this notice when our legal team contacts you if you have questions or concerns. Refusing to answer any communication with our legal team is a serious crime and will result in additional criminal charges.